The week begins like any other in Jacqueline Burne’s messy life. And it just gets worse. Jac’s business is in trouble, her husband is up to no good, and her eccentric housekeeper, Draga, is nagging her with unsolicited advice. Then Jac’s annoying teen stepson lands on her doorstep and wants to stay.

Jac devises a plan to regain control of her life, but Draga jumps in to help and it goes horribly wrong. They soon find themselves on the wrong side of the law, where handcuffs and prison jumpsuits become a real possibility.

As Jac juggles her many problems, dark secrets come to light. And when events take an unexpected and terrifying turn, Jac is forced into a deadly confrontation. It might just be the one mess she can’t clean up…

When Lucia unexpectedly faced open-heart surgery, she used her recovery time to document the practical concerns and the roller coaster ride of emotions faced by cardiac patients and their families. The result, Heart to Heart—A Survivor’s Guide to Heart Surgery is a sometimes poignant and amusing recounting of a journey of despair, hope, and renewed life. Heart to Heart was chosen by the British Department of Health for inclusion in ‘Patient Prescriptions’ a resources service for people experiencing heart disease. Available in large print, Braille, and for Kindle Readers.

Lucia has created a quirky, inspirational, and distinctive offering in the realm of daily spiritual practice. Soul Sisters' prayers and declarations cover a wide range of issues - relationships, women’s roles, social norms, children and family, domesticity, technology, career and health - all pressures and concerns faced by women living busy, contemporary lifestyles. The appeal lies in the modern-day language, humour, insight, and poignancy. The work includes explanatory terms and is non-denominational. The prayers/declarations stand alone and are equally appealing to the non-specific spirituality seeker or those with existing faith practices.

Short stories & scripts

Lucia has contributed short stories to anthologies and online. She has been shortlisted and awarded in the Ada Cambridge Biographical Prose Prize at the Williamstown Literary Festival in 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011's winner Things We Don't Talk About. Three of Lucia’s scripts received awards in the Fellowship of Australian Writers National Literary Awards 2009.

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